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PSO2 Gunner Guide Pt.2: Builds & Class Combos

Today, Gunner builds focus mostly around Twin Machinegun use. Here’s a few sample builds for using guns with Gunner. Not all skill points are spent, because after taking the important skills, the last few points are really down to personal preference.

Once upon a time, Gunner was a highly compatible class, able to give any weapon massive burst damage. Unfortunately, Gunner burst with cross class weapons was so exploitable that players could kill raid bosses in seconds. Slowly, Sega slowly restricted Chain Trigger, most recently putting a 999,999 damage cap on selected bosses. That greatly restricts options for Gunner, but at least makes things simpler – there’s now only three classes that really work in most situations.


For players starting out, Hunter (Hu) is the almost-universal subclass. It packs survivability skills, good bonuses to Striking-based attacks and above average bonuses to Shooting-based attacks. A Gunner/Hunter typically does not need too much gear to be survivable.

  • Activate Fury Stance for an always-on damage bonus (1.32x Striking, 1.21x Ranged)
  • Perform Just Attacks to get JA Bonus and Fury Combo Up (1.33x)
  • Equip a maxed Twin Machinegun Stance Up ring (1.1x Striking, 1.3x Ranged)
  • Total bonuses: 1.94x Striking, 2.10x Shooting

One perk of Gu/Hu is that it has good Striking modifiers, so Photon Arts such as Dead Approach and Reverse Tap can be very strong.

Another plus is that Gu/Hu is not as dependent on weak points or Weak Bullet. Its bonuses apply fully, even on non-weak points.

Hunter also offers survivability, like Flash Guard to reduce damage taken. It also has Massive Hunter with Automate Halfline to allow for building Chain Trigger without fear of getting interrupted by a knock.

Arma Ros has a Gu/Hu video to show how it’s played:

See a basic Gu/Hu Build


As a subclass, Fighter (Fi) has potential for big damage, but requires the player to give up the safety nets of Gu/Hu. The Twin Machinegun Stance Up ring enables comparable Ranged damage to Gu/Ra, without the need to wind up for Standing Snipe. At the same time, its Striking bonuses can beat a Gu/Hu once everything kicks in.

  • Activate Brave Stance and attack from the target’s front (1.5x)
  • Rotate Photon Arts when performing Just Attacks with Tech Arts JA Bonus (1.15x)
  • Drop below 50% PP for PP Slayer (200 ATK ~= 7% damage)
  • Equip a maxed Twin Machinegun Stance Up ring (1.1x Striking, 1.3x Ranged)
  • Total bonuses: 2.03x Striking, 2.40x Ranged

Note: PP Slayer is an approximation. Exact amount depends on build and gear.

Gu/Fi plays differently from Gu/Hu in a number of ways. For one, fhere’s less penalty for skipping the slow S Roll or normal attack to open with a non-JAed PA. A Gu/Fi can Dead Approach its way in, and Tech Arts JA can then kick in the rest of the way.

Gu/Fi has good synergy with the TMG Arts S. Charge skill too. It enables elaborate Chain Finishes like: Dead Approach ► Infinite Fire Type-0 ► Aerial Shooting, which shortcuts two charged PAs to pack a lot of base damage into the Chain Finish window.

Long PAs like Bullet Squall Type-0 , Elder Rebellion and Shift Period also work well for Tech Arts JA, since one JA will apply for the whole PA.

On the downside, Gu/Fi has to keep rotating its PAs to keep Tech Arts JA going, but Tech Arts JA PP Save does help with the PP-hungry attacks like Infinite Fire Type-0.

Gu/Fi also has options to situationally boost its damage higher. These include using Dead Approach and Infinite Fire Type-0’s stun to set up Chase on mobs, as well as using Wise Stance on bosses that allow you to consistently land hits behind it. Odin for example is fairly easy to get Wise Stance on.

Situationally, it has access to Crazy Heart, so getting hit by a status effect can be beneficial for energy management.

As for Fi/Gu, once upon a time, Fighter was the universal main class. Since then, main class-only 13★ weapons and 10% bonus made that go out of fashion.

See a basic Gu/Fi build


Ranger (Ra) was once regarded as the best subclass for Gunner. It has excellent weak point damage, along with some utility like traps and Weak Bullet. However, recent boss designs move too fast for Standing Snipe to kick in, and many bosses do not have weak points. After the Twin Machinegun Stance Up ring was added to make other subclass’ damage competitive, Gu/Ra fell out of favor. Still, it is situationally strong in older content, or with a Ranger friend in the party to create weak points with Weak Bullet.

  • Attack weak points to trigger Weak Hit Advance. (1.82x)
  • Stay in the same spot to trigger Standing Snipe. One setup being back-to-back Satellite Aims in the air. (1.32x)
  • Total bonuses: 2.41x without Weak Bullet

In solo play, Gu/Ra can pack its own Weak Bullet, so its solo burst is unrivaled as far as Twin Machinegun damage goes. Arma Ros’s boss kill video showcases Gunner/Ranger damage:

For mobs, Ranger brings Gravity Bomb and Stun Grenade into the mix, to suck in groups and set them up for Bullet Squall Type-0.

The main drawbacks of Ranger are that its bonuses do not work with Twin Machineguns’ Striking-based attacks like Dead Approach and Reverse Tap, and it needs to either headshot or hit weak points, which many enemies may not have. These include Machine types like Guardines, Spardans, Dingells and their Ultimate Quest variants, vehicle-based Phantoms like Snake Helicopters and Road Rollers, as well as Emergency Quest bosses like Profound Darkness.

Another caveat is that recent content introduces Weak Bullet jamming which cuts its effect to 1.2x.

On the plus side, Gu/Ra does not require a lot of skill points from the Ranger tree at all. A Ranger main tree works well enough as a subclass.

See a basic Gu/Ra build

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Last Updated April 23rd, 2017

33 thoughts on “PSO2 Gunner Guide Pt.2: Builds & Class Combos”

  1. Umm 1 question does Standing Snipe boost’s damage for GU?
    Let’s say for example : GU PA ~ Elder Rebellion (mid-air) or Infinity Burst (ground), Does the Standing Snipe boost them even in midair using GU these 2 skills?

    1. It counts from before you press the PA button, so if you were standing still before Elder Rebellion/Infinite Fire then yes, or if you do something after them then the PA after it will count.

      Not sure about Elder Rebellion, felt more consistent to SRJAB for 10% so I never really tried to chain a PA after it.

          1. Fighter? Hunter? I wanna know more..

            Was hoping for maybe a legit build for Bouncer, but with Range style gameplay.. U know? Using the Twin Blade Photon Blades.. maybe.. Bouncer/Ranger?

          2. Mmm I don’t really play Hunter or Force. There’s a Ranger and Techer guide on PSOW. That leaves Braver and Fighter which I do play and I guess there’s no good guides out there.

            Maybe I should start doing one for those but the upkeep x.x I still need to update these guides for 12* trading.

            As for Bo/Ra… nope doesn’t work. Ranger skills only work with shooting attacks. Funny thing is when I was new to PSO2 that’s one of the very first things I tried :p

  2. I see a vid for each class combination here except Fi/Gu and I’m actually very intrigued what you can possible do with Fi/Gu upon seeing the amazing job you did for Fi/Br bow and Fi/Ra gunslash. Chaos Riser specifically makes Aerial Advance into a very consistent boost for subsequent attacks, and iis generally more reliable than Shift Period on mobs. That aside, I really think Fi abuses APPR better than just about any class. TD with Symphonic Drive and crafted Wild Rhapsody and APPR is insanely spammable (and Wild Rhapsody is perhaps the strongest TD PA with good PP management). I don’t even know how sustainable BHS spam can be with APPR. On top of all that, Critical Strike will compensate for using SAtk mag with TMG.

    1. Funny you’d mention Fi/Ra. I was actually messing with Gunslash Fi/Gu at the time but the traps, WB and WHA bonuses sealed the deal for me for Fi/Ra. Trouble with Fi and Gu is that they’re both classes with strong main class skills, so they can really bring up a subclass that doesn’t have good main class skills, but paired with each other you have to choose which main class skill, so you lose out on at least one damage source.

      If you main Fi you lose High Time, and all Gu has left is a paltry 20% Perfect Keeper on most targets. If you main Gu you lose Limit Break and Crit, then Fi drops close to Hu level. Bouncer is ok subbing Fi vs Hu because of synergies like Tech damage with Jet Boots or TCPBF with Dual Blades, but Gu doesn’t really get a whole lot.

      So unlike Bo, where Gu/Bo with High Time and Aerial Advance is within a hair of Bo/Hu using the same weapon, Fi/Gu is still quite behind Fi/Hu even with Aerial Advance. 4x Sat Aim as Gu/Fi is weaker than /Hu too since Chain building pretty much guarantees full PP, and there’s no Tech Arts JA there.

      Firesword has a Fi/Gu video though. Double Saber Wind Chain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3ey-OmYNrk

      I also hear of Chain BHS and LB Chain Slash Rave being nice. But the “Strong Main Class + sub Gu” formula is pretty much there for Chain, much like Fo/Gu

    1. Ah I meant if you press Massive Hunter, nothing will be able to knock you down and interrupt your Chain building. You still need to aim of course :p

  3. hey selphea, need your opinion in this,
    if you ignore damage capability, what is more fun to play between br/ra bullet bow and gu/hu twin machine gun and gu/ra tmg?

    1. It’s actually 89/89 nowadays. I don’t assign all 89 points because I want to leave the last few points open for personal preference.

      Some people like S Roll JA for Bullet Squall, others prefer Chain Trigger for killing raid bosses. Some people like max Killing Bonus, others take RATK Up 2. Those are small things that don’t majorly affect what the build can do.

      So I just give a foundation where everything the class needs to function properly is taken and everything else is up to you.

  4. wow i wanted to try that Gu/Bo build
    i’m a SEA player who uses a Gu/Te build, coz i really like the utility Techniques bring in the battle

    i had a look at the tree and wanted to ask some things
    a. what if i took shooting up instead of ZRA2?
    b. does this build rely on high rarity sets or just TMGs?
    I’m just an average player who could play when i have the time coz of work, life’s a beech >,<

    thanks in advance ¯w¯)V

    1. a. Shooting Up instead of ZRA2 means losing 15% shooting damage at close to get 3% shooting damage at any range.
      b. Just TMGs but still 6x the trouble with 13*s. I personally stopped playing it ever since I got my 13*

    1. Pick whatever sounds more interesting to you first then go for the second one later 😀

      Gu/Ra has more damage when it works but some quests have lots of targets without weak points.

      One is Yamato with Tokyo choppers/bulldozers/tanks. Another is Falz Double/Profound Darkness when there’s no Ranger around to apply weak bullet. For those i prefer Gu/Fi.

      1. Will gu/ra be good with a party because most of the time I’m in a party with 2 other family members 😊

        1. Works best if you have a Ra/X to apply Weak Bullet on places you need to burst.

          If you don’t, it’s still more or less OK but you might run into trouble in quests like Profound Darkness or Yamato/Tokyo where enemies like Falz Double, Choppers and Bulldozers don’t show their weak points most of the time.

    1. Chase as prereq for Chase+ due to Infinite Fire 0’s stun, but works with Reverse Tap and Dead Approach too. Not much else for GuFi to take so might as well get better mobbing.

      The 5pts Striking Up is probably copy pasted from the outdated FiGu build. I need to fix >.<

        1. No need IMO, since it’s only 1.25% with TMG Mastery unless you use a crit weapon. If you drop Chase you certainly could though.

  5. Hey Selphea I made new character for Gunner. I was wondering if you can shed some light as to why Gu/Br isn’t prefer. If not could you make a build for it?

    I just want to use average stance and just main TMG.

    1. Well Gu/Br with Average Stance means really weak Dead Approaches and Satellite Aims, only 26.5% boost on them vs 70%-ish on other classes. Braver’s Average Stance is just pretty bad 😡

  6. Hi Selphea.
    What are your thoughts about current Gu/Ra and Gu/Hu builds ? Which one is better in term of raiding dungeons solo

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