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PSO2 Dual Blade Bouncer Guide Pt.3: Gear and Affixes

Gearing a Dual Blade Bouncer is going to be expensive. Dual Blade Bouncers need a rainbow set of Dual Blades, and even a pair of Jet Boots for some. At least NT grinding makes this easier than before!

This guide will walk through options from basic to 13★s.

ARKs Cadet Loadout

Around level 50 or so, get a set of cheap, fast to pick up and easy to grind gear. The game will increase in difficulty, but this set should last till level 75.

Red Dual Blade (JP: 赤のデュアルブレード )

Red Recalescenece gives 14% more damage when crafted at level 1. Don’t bother going higher, its not worth it – this weapon is disposable. After unlocking, go to your room and Extend them to Ex.9. Again, going higher isn’t worth it. Get one of these and use Break SD Bonus to cover all elements.

Get unlocked Red Dual Blades from one of three routes:

  1. Buy it from Player Shops
  2. Get 2017 Gold Weapons Badges and exchange them for Photon Boosters
  3. Get Challenge Miles and exchange them for Photon Boosters

Choose your favorite method, you only need three Photon Boosters for each Red Dual Blade.

hiei1 hiei2 hiei3 Hiei Set

60 ATK and 10 PP on the set bonus. Magatsu drops these like candy, and they are very cheap to grind and affix. Affixing a Hiei unit with 5 fodders only costs 40,000 meseta, or less than 5% the cost of affixing an equivalent Saiki unit. Get these from player shops as well.

As this set is meant for low-level characters, their equip requirements are low, and base stats will be able to tide through lower difficulty levels. At Super Hard difficulty and above, its defenses can be considered paper-thin. Remedy this by crafting the units using Extend Equipment. A Hiei set grinded and affixed on the cheap, then Extended to Ex3 with special craft recipes is a good placeholder until an endgame set.

Other ARKs Cadet Weapons

ico-noxdinas Nox Dinas NT (JP: ノクスディナスNT)

Greater Strategic Stance increases damage against elemental weaknesses by 15%. Decent if you have a bunch of 12★ passes. Nox Dinas NT beats low end 13★s like 2015 Xie in damage.

For Fire, Ice and Lightning, one of these affixed with Ultimate Buster can be considered endgame.

ARKs Advanced Loadout

Congratulations, you hit level 75! You’re a full-fledged ARKs. Here’s some of the quickest options to get decent gear to match.

 Zansetsu (JP: 斬雪)
Gold Weapons Badges should be available throughout 2017

Snow White Flower potential increases damage by 10%, with a further 10% on enemies affected by a status. Also increases status affliction rate. Very accessible weapon to cover Ice. Use this with Break SD Bonus until you get a good 13★ Light weapon.

IdealRgixarm IdealL Gixdeal Set

75 ATK, 5 PP, 50 HP on the Ideal set. Pair that with the generous HP, PP and ATK on the Gix unit. This set is amazing for how easy it is to get.

Start off by getting the Ideal set. 60,000 Challenge Miles should be about four full Challenge Mode 1 runs, or ten Challenge Mode 2 runs. Doable in 8 hours including waiting time. Read the Challenge Quest guide on PSO-World for more info.

Get the Gix unit by clearing Ultimate Amduscia with an S Rank. Getting an S Rank is partly luck. Carry a fully-grinded and high attribute weapon to hit harder and increase your chances. Alternatively, farm Ultimate Amduscia for a Ray Arm unit.

Other ARKs Advanced Weapons

RayDB Ray Dual Blade
Possible revival coming soon

Increases damage by 10%, reduces damage taken by 5% and reduces PP costs by 10%. A 2016 workhorse, the Ray series is expected to make a comeback in 2017.

NirenOrochi Niren Orochi (JP: ニレンオロチ)

Soul-Rending Stance increases damage against breakables by 60%. With a Break Stance tree handy, this is the weapon to bring into a Magatsu full break party or public game. Pretty useless outside of that one quest though.

Unfortunately, Break SD does not work on that 60%. Would have been nice.

Other ARKs Advanced Units

saiki1 saiki2 saiki3 Saiki Set

60 ATK, 25 PP and 80 Dex set bonus. The hefty PP on the set bonus means Saiki has the potential to become the highest PP set by a longshot. However, the base items have only 50 HP and 0 PP apiece, which are very poor base stats, especially for an 11★ unit. On top of that, Bouncer has plenty of PP management.

With crafting, the 50 HP apiece can either be upgraded to 100 HP, or traded for 10 PP. The net HP gain outstrips the loss in defenses, while the gain in PP helps with Immortal Dove spam.

ARKs Elite Loadout

After completing every Emergency Quest, clearing Heaven & Hell and everything else there is to do, you’re now an elite Arks! Time to kick back and focus on Phasion… or start the inordinately long quest for grindy gear sets.

Astra End (JP: アストラエンド)
Collection file expires April 19th, 2017

Starlight Remnants Increases damage by 12% and Attack PP generation by 40%. 4 Esca Falz runs, about half an hour of Riding Quest and another half an hour of Subdue Train Ghidoran should fill the collection file up, making this a very short grind for best-in-slot. Get one for the default Light element. Other elements can be covered by other options.

According to Sega, this is intended to replace the harder to obtain Austere, so those are now obsolete. In addition, the Attack PP generation is close enough to Orbit, and airborne Bouncers won’t have many chances to sheathe their weapon for passive regen when it matters, making Orbit obsolete as well.

austererear austerearm rayleg Austere Set & Ray Leg

The Austere units themselves have great resists, excellent HP and good PP. Then there’s the set bonus of 60 ATK, 50 HP and 20 PP. And finally the free leg slot for another 25 ATK from Ray Leg.

In terms of raw stats, this is the highest set bonus in the game. Saiki can get slightly higher PP, but at the cost of resists and quite a bit of HP and ATK. However, it requires deep pockets or extreme luck for the units. Not to mention stones to exchange Invade units for Austere.


Dual Blade Bouncer doesn’t really need PP for PBF, but does need it for Immortal Dove spam. It also benefits from some HP to do super armor tanking with Megiverse, so go for a balance of stats – aim for at least 60 SATK per item, and a total of more than 1000 HP and 160 PP.

For an affixing guide, look here. For an affixing simulator, look here.


L/DB Snatch is a given for the left ring, because it’s the only one that works with Dual Blades.

For the Right ring, options are a bit more open.

R/Massive Hunter would be the first choice for non Bo/Hu. Bouncer does not need much PP management, and 3% damage is not very attractive so utility comes out on top here.

R/Perfect Keeper Striking comes in second. A tiny bit of damage is better than nothing.

After that is a tossup between R/PP Convert and R/Killing Bonus, although Deband PP really should solve all of Bouncer’s PP problems as-is.

R/C Strike Striking is not worth it. The 20SP spent on Crit skills to eke out 3% damage can get 5% or more by being redirected to ATK Up skills. Even SATK Up 1 is more worthwhile than going into a Stance Critical for 25% of 3% = 0.75% more damage.

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Last Updated 15th January, 2017

51 thoughts on “PSO2 Dual Blade Bouncer Guide Pt.3: Gear and Affixes”

  1. Hey, I am following your Bo/Hu tree, and I am using 5 pairs of DBs with one JB set.

    Which attribute do you suggest I omitt for the DBs for full coverage?

  2. Hi, I’m building a rainbow set of Lextears but I’m a bit concerned with the crafted weapon variance average dps penalty. Is really ok to extend an 8* up to Ex9?

    Another question. Will Craft Mastery retroactively apply its bonus to crafted weapons, or should I max it before crafting?

    1. For ease of calculation, lets take a typical Female Human Bo/Hu build – same build as Part 2 and with Quartz/Pow3/Spirita3/Abil3 affixed on a Hiei set and Lextear/Bio/Fubuki, and run it through the damage calculator. It will look like this:


      Essentially, you’ll see wider variance, but with Craft Mastery, the average damage is competitive, and in fact, slightly higher than uncrafted 11*s like Fubuki and Bio. And that’s with Fubuki’s potential active – consider the extra effort to maintain <50% PP versus having the potential always on.

      Compared to 12* and 13*, it will fall behind of course, but rainbow 12* and 13* needs a lot of time and/or luck.

    2. Was actually wondering the same thing. Do you max Craft Mastery before or after, or does it make no difference at all?

      1. No difference, it’s a passive bonus that kicks in as long as you have a crafted weapon/unit equipped

  3. I made yesterday an experiment trying to extend a multi class weapon (Lambda Lextear) and it lost the multi class attribute.
    Is there any way to make the craft and not losing the multi class part?
    Another question comes to my mind: if I earn a Hyakka Ryouran and I craft it (for Craft Mastery process) will it lose the Fighter-usability?
    Thank you for your useful guide, it’s really handy.

    1. You’ll need an Add Class item.

      As for Hyakka, you can’t craft 12*s in the first place ^^; But yes it will lose Fighter-usability if one day 12*s become craftable and it gets crafted. Anyway it’s Fighter-usable by default and better than crafted Granfol with Craft Mastery so there’s no need to craft it right now.

        1. That’s correct, but it could be months before you get a rainbow set of maxed 12* or 13*, by which time you’d likely have gotten a reset pass to remove it if needed.

          Rainbow 12* and above is something that I would say less than 1% of players have right now, even after half a year of XH and Ultimate difficulty being introduced.

  4. I’m using a Fi/Bo ele stance + crit build now. IF im going for 13* DBs, what build should i switch to? cuz i can’t use the weapon with Fight as main right… ele stance Bo/Fi (or Bo/Hu?) or switch to break stance?

    1. If you already have a rainbow set, stay as Fi/Bo. Bo/X with 13* cannot beat Fi/Bo in Limit Break right now, and a Fi-usable rainbow set is quite expensive so it’d be a waste to switch. If Sega adds a new main class skill for DB Bouncers you can look again.

      If it’s a personal preference thing though, like Fi main being too squishy, go with Bo/Fi if you want to Tech Cancel, or Bo/Hu if you want Massive Automate. Stick with Ele Stance since I assume you already have a set of DBs, and switch the important elements like Light to 13*.

      1. Aaah, I see. So Fi/Bo in limit break still does more dmg, that cleared some of my thought. I guess, I’ll stick to my current build until theres other better 13* / BO skills thats worth switching mains for. Tho i’m only using an extend lextears rainbow set right now. :p Thx, Selphea.

  5. Hi. I have a set of crafted saiki to ex8 atm and wondering, how would the 10% craft mastery match up against the 12% defense you lose from crafting?

    1. The special Ex8 crafts actually have their own resistance amounts. The 100HP craft gives 4% Striking Resist, the 10 PP craft gives 4% Ranged Resist. You will probably want a mix of HP and PP units, so you will only be losing 4% to 8% in resists.

      I take it your end goal is to not be squishy. As far as that goes, the priority would be HP first. If you lose 8% resists but get more than 8% HP along with some DEF on the side, that’d be a net gain. Conversely, if you craft all three units to PP, the 150 HP loss is going to hurt more than the 12% Striking Resist loss.

      Generally, 3 HP crafts will be a net gain. On the other hand, 2 HP crafts and 1 PP craft should roughly break even – slight net gain vs Striking, slight net loss vs Ranged, bigger loss vs non-elemental Techs. Most attacks in the game are Striking, and getting 10 more PP is nice. And the more PP crafts, the squishier, so it’s up to you how you want to balance your defenses vs PP.

      1. I didn’t know the special crafts give resistance, tyvm ^^
        Is this resistance only applied to special craft ex8 or also at special craft ex10? Or is crafting to ex10 a bad idea?

        1. Any special craft, 3, 8 and 10 will get the resists. Ex10 is not cost effective but if you want to squeeze out the last few points of DEF then the option is there.

    1. It’s only 12* trading, you still can’t craft them. Can get Hyakka though. Cheaper than mass crafting + Add Class on Granfol.

      1. as of now, is granfol still the best weapon for Fi/Bo? I managed to get 5 add class fighter when the price went down, and now im thinking whether the Granfol is still the best choice to use the add class on. Or should I wait some more for possible new weapons / 12* crafting….

  6. hi again selphea, i was wondering if a special crafted blitz set + 1 random 7* leg unit would be a good/same substitute of a crafted hiei set before upgrading to saiki/brisa set?

    since the set effect is more or less the same??

    1. It’s the same but the Blitz set will be more expensive to affix and won’t give you TATK so you have a teeny tiny bit weaker Resta.

  7. so i hear red weapons get a new good potential .. Red DB got 16% latent if crafted. so if may i ask, better get that or not? and is that true it is better than granfol / hyakka for Fi/Bo?

    1. Indeed it is. Better than Granfol by about 1 to 2%. If you already have Granfols, not worth replacing. But if starting from scratch, Reds are much easier to make.

  8. Hey, you mentioned Niren Orochi wouldn’t affect Break SD Bonus. However, considering it affects break stance itself, wouldn’t it indirectly affect Break SD? Like: Break Stance gives +35% dmg bonus on breakable parts (45%ish if you consider the Boost, though idk if Break SD would consider that) and Break SD takes 45% of that which translates roughly into 15% dmg, ok. So niren orochi would be boosting that by 60%…so 60% of 35% makes it about +20%, making a total of about 55% (or even 95% if you consider it gets added directly). Wouldn’t Break SD be getting now 45% of these 55%? Resulting in a 25% ish dmg bonus in all targets? Or does Break SD completely ignore the latent? Was this already tested and stuff?

    Also on a sidenote, Wouldn’t Great Strategic Stance only boost 15% of Elemental Stance’s boost? (so 15% of 30%ish = about 4%) or it’s straight up +15% dmg in elemental stance? was this also tested? Nox and S&Y do have about the same damage? If Greater Strategic Stance really gives a direct 15% damage boost in Elemental Stance, then Zirenheit s the absolute best jet boots, no?…considering I don’t really know how much damage Phantasmal Blessing gives.

    1. Whoops I missed this o.o but Break only affects the base Break Stance, not Orochi (says so in the skill desc). Greater Strategic Stance is straight up 15%, you can test it. But Red Jet Boots is 16% and then there’s the 13*s too.

  9. i see now niren orochi get new potential like a blitz fender .. 22% crit rate and damage .. then what weapons that comparable with niren orochi now? is this time to throw away my Fi/Bo Rainbow Red DBs? .. ToT

    1. The new pot on Niren Orochi should put it somewhere above Reds but below Ideal. Bo/Fi Ideal damage > Fi/Bo Red outside LB, but during LB it’s the other way around.

      Can’t really go wrong either way, although I prefer sustain so I went Bo/Fi myself.

      What could possibly change things though is the current weapon poll which might lead to all class 13* DBs.

      1. Just to confirm, Niren Orochi is only stronger than Red DB on a Bi/Fo right? Fi/Bo with rainbow Red DB, without LB is still stronger than
        Niren Orochi Bi/Fo due to Critical Strike on Fi main, correct?

          1. is that using rainbow niren orochi with element stance Bo/Fi? Sorry I’m a bit confused, been away from pso2 for a while.

          2. Its Rainbow Niren Orochi using its new 25% crit rate 22% crit damage latent, with Element Stance and Stance crit. Limit Break Reds would still come out on top. But pretty sure Break Stance Orochi would still be on top even compared to LB tho

    1. Because one person can only do so much ^^; And I was thinking of how to reformat it to fit a 4rt calculator link in there

    1. After crafting, they’re both the same. But it turns out they’re both outdated as of Ep4. The new Kaiser set is pretty much a 90 ATK version of Blitz/Gloam.

  10. what do you think about new NT weapons for DB? is there any good to use? like Nox Dinas NT? .. is Nox Dinas NT have good damage that can rival some lower tier *13? or it’s power actually behind Niren Orochi photon booster potential?

    and what *13 uber db you prefer? austere or orbit?

    1. Nox is great. Beats Xie and Red cleanly. I’d use it to fill out a rainbow set.

      Between Austere and Orbit, for meta reasons i prefer Orbit. Mainly because Orbit is easier to get so i can spend Caligulas on other classes that don’t get easy ubers like Katana for Br or Rod for Fo.

    1. Endgame for Fi/Bo… crafted Reds. Black Heart is flat ATK, Reds are a multiplier. During Limit Break where Fi/Bo already gets a ton of flat ATK, there’s no contest.

      1. how about your thought about Yoi v2?

        How much difference crafted Reds vs Yoi v2 in Fi/Bo?

        and compared to Bo/X, is Fi/Bo have more competitive usage? i’m Fi/Bo before and wanna change to Bo/Fi or Bo/Hu, but this thing come out, so i’m confused .. :/

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